Brayden Massey

Brayden Massey

Brayden Massey

Best Basketball Memory?

Beating North Medford for the Conference Championship in 2014!

Favorite NBA Team/Player? Why? 

Boston Celtics, I have always liked them because they are an all around good team!

Lebron James or Paul Pierce

Favorite College Team? Why?

I like Duke and Memphis. I have grown up watching Duke and Kyle Singler went there. Memphis is another favorite team because I like the way they play and I like their coach.

Favorite Quote? 

“I can accept failing, I cannot accept not trying.”

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, while others make it happen!” -Michael Jordan

Favorite Food? 

Lasagna or Meatloaf – SO GOOD!

Favorite TV Show? Favorite Movie? 

Prison Break is the greatest TV show of all time!


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